Stem orientation measurement apparatus

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The Nihon Musen Kabushiki Kaisha patent solves the following problem:

The present invention relates to an apparatus for measuring orientation of the stem or the bow of a car and especially a tool for measuring the orientation of the stem of the ship at sea by using radio waves transmitted from the Global Positioning System (as mentioned in GPS radio waves afterward).

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Nihon Musen Kabushiki Kaisha’s patent US 4644358 A deals with Stem orientation measurement apparatus.
A tool to confirm the orientation of the stem at the ship by using a satellite belonging to the Global Positioning System. Radio wave signal from the satellite to be received in one direction or omnidirectional antenna and the phase difference between a rotating period of said antenna and even during the distance fluctuation, Doppler shifting of fluctuation or amplitude fluctuation notice obtain an orientation of the satellite used to obtain a proper orientation of the stem relative to a reference in the direction of the North.

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