Sobriety tester

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The Susan Komlos patent solves the following problem:

This invention relates to the equipment used to prevent people reflex impaired, because of either a lack of emotional capacity or for intoxicating blood alcohol or drug levels, from operating a motor vehicles, and more particularly, to such a device that circumvents the actual ability of a reflex-impaired driver when the engine of his car.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Susan Komlos’s patent US 4723625 A deals with Sobriety tester.
A sobriety testing device submitted to the operator of a motor vehicle on a test by allowing the engine of the car motor started, and prevents the engine from starting if the test showed that the body in response to the operator impaired. The integrity testing device includes a hand-held unit with a button that base position, as well as the left and right test button. During the trial, the left and right buttons trials randomly illuminated, and a determination is made on the reflex time needed to transfer the operator's finger from the position based on the indicated test button and return to base position. A signature base reflex time recorded in device testing representing reflex time the operator was free of any physical or emotional damages. The integrity testing device compares the operator in the current period reflex previously recorded signature base and disables the machine if operator performance is significantly below the signature base.

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