Hydraulic brake booster with tubular conduit return spring

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The General Motors Corporation patent solves the following problem:

The invention relates to a power booster hydraulic type pressurized hydraulic fluid provided by the booster and, under the control of the valve mechanism to obtain, pressure is admitted into a power chamber to act in a booster power piston to actuate the booster. booster is the closed nature center. It is best used as a power booster for a brake system, with booster actuating at least one hydraulic brake circuit by a master cylinder arrangement.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

General Motors Corporation’s patent US 4754604 A deals with Hydraulic brake booster with tubular conduit return spring.
A hydraulic booster booster piston return spring shaped like a tubular conduit for carrying supplies hydraulic pressure in a closed center valve. On actuation, the valve opens to allow supply pressure to flow into the power of chamber and valving action control exhaust pressure from the power chamber to build the desired actuating pressure there. The tubular track building power piston return spring and bring the supply pressure closed center valve allows a small overall axial length of the hydraulic booster by accomodating the movement of supply pressure in the closed chamber heart valve . It also allows less sent to the supply pressure leaking by accomodating a better pressure on the seal arrangement.

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