Methods for water treatment

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The Kenji Etani patent solves the following problem:

This invention relates to water quality and especially to methods and apparatus for feeding controlled amounts of chemicals such as chelating agents, perfumes, microbiocides and filtration aids in hot tubs, spas, cooling towers , swimming pool, and the like. Especially these applications related to novel distributed capsules for such procedures. House swimming pools, spas and hot tubs, it is almost always necessary to filter and recirculate the water and adding certain chemicals to help filter to improve the quality, appearance, and odor water.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Kenji Etani’s patent US 4880547 A deals with Methods for water treatment.
System for water treatment is intended to feed the various chemicals of the highest rates in the system. Progress on the creation of US Pat. No. 4,519,914 and also to the novel feeder capsule used the one shown. The rate of feeding depends on the size and number of small holes provided, or the user is diverted through the shell of the capsule, and the flow rate of the water around it. In some embodiments the capsule weighed in over the small hole to the top as it is in the quiet water, thus substantially stop the flow of chemicals; but as the water sloshed about the use, the chemical that provides a rate proportional to the amount of use. In a so-called "dumbbell" capsule vertical impulse to help a second vented floatation snapped in place before holding the dispensing holes upward even a hot tub. It is used in the controlled release of free bromine in oxidant, sold under the trademark "Oxone". Preferred pictures, a new composition of alum and low molecular weight cationic polymeric flocculant provided in a novel place, blow-formed stub wings, which is a safe, effective, and attractive package for chemicals.

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