Service thermostat

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The Heil-Quaker Corporation patent solves the following problem:

The land of the invention is that the thermostats, more specific services thermostats.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Heil-Quaker Corporation’s patent US 4942613 A deals with Service thermostat.
The present invention is a diagnostic testing system for a temperature control system that includes a communication bus, a control processor, and a service thermostat. The communication bus with all of the components in the system. The control processor initiates communication between the components by sending a bus to talk on the bus. The control processor includes an address decoder for identifying the various signal bus talks, including a normal thermostat bus address and a service bus thermostat speech. The service thermostat has a switch, a processor, and a bus interface unit. switch selects the operating mode of the service thermostat, as either normal or service does. The bus interface unit communicates on the bus for the service thermostat processor. Serving the thermostat processor works to serve the thermostat and adapted to communicate on the bus using a bus that speech as operating mode is determined by the switch.

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