Disk drive controller system with enhanced communications interface

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The Tandon Corporation patent solves the following problem:

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Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Tandon Corporation’s patent US 5014237 A deals with Disk drive controller system with enhanced communications interface.
A disk drive system includes a disk controller system with a distinct head positioning and data transfer subsystems and support to four disk drives, two of which will be removable and two connect through a standard ST506 interface. The system provides a book, and write protected cylinder for removable drives, a read only cylinder for the removable drive that stores a unique serial number as well as other write protected data, and a high capacity, high speed sector buffer that allows the continued transfer of data to or from noninterleaved sector and supports the current system disk accesses. The system provides communication between the disk controller and develop enhanced disk drive over a standard interface ST-506 which commands and status signals are greater than those normally handed over dedicated lines ST- 506 interface pronounced among developed disk controller and enhanced disk drive. Standard ST-506 drive ignore, without effect, the communication protocol of the enhanced communication mode.

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