Clutch control device

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The Cimarosti Luigi R patent solves the following problem:

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Cimarosti Luigi R’s patent US 5062515 A deals with Clutch control device.
The control device in a disc clutch consists of a cylinder (2) and a piston (1). An orifice (3) makes it possible to feed under pressure into a chamber (17) formed between the cylinder and the piston fluid coming from the master cylinder operates the clutch pedal. Under the pressure of the fluid, the piston (1) moves from the cylinder (2) and controls the opening of the clutch. device is arranged directly on the tube (8) around the driveshaft, without any other ends that way. O-ring gaskets (11) making it possible to keep the device in the tube and to ensure the damping of possible vibrations. The clutch bearing included in the free end of the piston (1) in the form of a focus ring (20) held by a ball-bearing fit.

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