Three level game board

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The Olfman Brothers Incorporated patent solves the following problem:

This creation account in the overall game board art and especially into a new utilitarian design for the playing of the three-game boards and three game boards; and to a new way of building the three-game boards.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Olfman Brothers Incorporated’s patent US 5100149 A deals with Three level game board.
A three-board game made in a lowermost level, a middle level, and a very high level. The playing of the lowermost level is made up of four stepped pyramidal shaped component in the play areas in each of which, when the game board is set for its intended use, lies in all outboard the playing area in two-a considerable distance enough to see through the Players. The playing area in the middle level is the largest square shaped and located in the center all within four component to play on the lowermost level. Playing at the highest level is in the form of a square with a left pyramidal shaped portion removed centrally from each side as a left pyramidal shaped recess located in the center of each side and the highest level of play areas located in the center of all within the four component playing on the lowermost level and vertically spaced on playing place in middle and lowermost levels at a proper distance so that the playing areas of middle and higher level is easy to see the position Players play the game, the game board made.

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