Method and apparatus for conditioning refuse

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The Romweber Frank T, , Sowa Dennis F patent solves the following problem:

The invention relates to the disposal / treatment of waste in the form of solid waste material, and particularly to a method and apparatus for conditioning refuse burned monitored polyfoam plastic material as a stage in the waste disposal process.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Romweber Frank T, , Sowa Dennis F’s patent US 5116363 A deals with Method and apparatus for conditioning refuse.
A method and apparatus for the treatment of waste by not combustibly decreasing waste plastics polyfoam. waste is heated to a temperature between 250 F and 500 F. for a minimum period of time. A rotatable chamber heats the waste and transports the waste to the minimum period of time. An operator controls the rate of rotation of the chamber and thus during the heating according to the moisture content of the waste. A steam / air mixture is used as a heat medium serves to kill bacteria in waste in addition to leaving and drying the waste.

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