Quadrant log feeder

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The Stelter Clifford R patent solves the following problem:

Timber received a sawmill vary in diameter and length. Some logs straight, and others who are far from straight and have some kind of physical form and deformities including taper, flared butt, hooks, thief, shoots branch, branches, cat face, splits, and loose skin. In some cases groups of timber moved in a transverse conveyor sometimes one over the other or crossed and entangled in a way that makes them difficult to separate the normal way. Thus, in a log sorter provided that the logs be separated and assembled into smaller groups or moved one at a time to an exit conveyor for grading and subsequent processing.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Stelter Clifford R’s patent US 5119930 A deals with Quadrant log feeder.
An apparatus for sorting and separating timber allows the timber that fed individually for further processing. The log sorter has a revolving quadrant covered with no gaps or apertures that allow the wood or branches that become overcrowded. Moreover, the rotating quadrant raises the logs on a first place performance. facilities include a movable quadrant with a shelf at a top edge to support at least one log, the movable quadrant moved to a timber in a second holding position in a fixed quadrant with radial fins extending through the slots in the cabinet movable quadrant of the fins push a timber outside the shelves as movable quadrant raises it. A transfer feeder consisting of a series of rotatable plate with aligned notches, moved to a log from the second holding position to an exit.

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