Multidirectional force sensor

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The Dornier Gmbh patent solves the following problem:

The present invention relates to a force sensor; especially the present invention relates to a sensor surface that may act in different directions in relation to the physical structure of the sensor.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Dornier Gmbh’s patent US 5129265 A deals with Multidirectional force sensor.
A force sensor with integral / monolithic comprises a monolithic block of elastic material that includes a first, second and third plate; a first pair of leaves in spring po- interconnecting the first and second dish, so that the first and second plates may be parallely moved relative to one another in a first direction; a second pair of leaf springs po- interconnecting the first and third plates to the first and third plates can parallely vibrate relative to each other in a second direction to the right angle to the first direction; a shaft clearing through a bore in the first plate and affixed to the second plate; the third plate provided for connection to force acceptance; and strain gauge placed on all leaf springs felt estranged Forces acting on the first and second directions.

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