Self-contained anti-theft device for motor vehicles

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The James E. Winner patent solves the following problem:

Major factors contributing to the total cost to operate a motor vehicle insurance premiums and discomfort associated with a theft of the vehicle. To solve these problems, a strong industry that developed the construction and improvement of various mechanisms to hinder the ease of a car or other motor vehicle can be stolen. These devices include the steering wheel, alarm systems, and devices that disable some important components of the car when a robbery attempt. These last-mentioned devices can be given to any alarms using the horn and / or lights to vehicles or to use a separate alarm. Many of these devices include the hidden moves to transfer or key operated transfer for the purpose of selectively arming or disarming the device. Most of these devices are assembled into a car after it leaves the manufacturing plant. Thus, professional retailers sell anti-theft devices and install them for a strong labor laws. The after market installation includes a special wiring and the knowledge of the particular vehicle the device is mounted. These devices are very expensive and complicated for the general public to gather. Therefore, many car anti-theft devices. This is a cause of increased insurance premiums charged to the general public.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

James E. Winner’s patent US 5287006 A deals with Self-contained anti-theft device for motor vehicles.
An anti-theft device adapted to be connected or adjacent to a battery in a motor vehicle, including a power switch for disconnecting the battery from the standard battery cable when the current flowing by cable exceeds a preselected fixed amount of current associated with an attempt to start the vehicle. A lockout circuit operated by a remote transmitter for the creation of an external command signal to override the operation of the power switch. This maker attached directly to a battery with no external wiring and still give passive or self-arming the anti-theft device.

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