Steam autoclave unit for delivering sterilized medical waste to a portable carrier

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The Health Care Waste Services Corp. patent solves the following problem:

The disposal of medical waste have, until now, an expensive, time-consuming, risky and labor intensive problem. Because the medical waste can be, and often contain very infectious materials, before throwing sterilization, and encouraged. In addition, government regulations strictly control the medical waste from collection to disposal. And that penalties apply if the regulations are not followed. A manifest or record must be kept of each lot or batch of medical waste from collection to disposal, by law. Only certified licensed medical waste haulers the right to collect medical waste from medical facilities.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Health Care Waste Services Corp.’s patent US 5294412 A deals with Steam autoclave unit for delivering sterilized medical waste to a portable carrier.
A method for disposing of medical waste states where medical waste generated in a facility such as a hospital, clinic, and / or office of a doctor, after getting sterilized, often by a stem autoclave, delivered to a mobile carrier with a shredder or similar devices, with finely-divide the sterilized waste is then compacted and transferred to a storage area the carrier where it is commingled with sterilized shredded medical waste obtained from other facilities that process the same way, before taken to a sanitary disposal site.

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