Fortune telling card

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The Todaro; Frank S. patent solves the following problem:

It is well known that some men who live in the efforts to predict their future; ie, have some sort of forecast or signs of the events occurred in their lives both a long-term and short-term basis. Such efforts include different activities such as going to a fortune teller or a tea leaf reader, reading a daily, weekly or monthly horoscope in their local newspaper . Often, the fortune telling result of the events that happen in detail, but only in giving clues or "visions" received interpret it as he chooses. For example, a fortune teller to simply say: "I saw a tall dark man in your future", which received interpret But he chooses to do so. If the recipient is a woman hoping to soon get married, that he may well interpret this as a prophecy that she will marry a tall dark man. If the received one, on the other hand, that he thought that it was a reference to a future business partner, neighbor, friend or the like. Any ideas or "vision" can, therefore, be given to any recipient, regardless of the recipient sex, age or interests, and the patient translate the idea of ​​"vision" that fit in his own case. In a similar way, horoscope not result in the details, but usually only advise the reader where his strengths and weaknesses become during the period in question. For example, a horoscope can advise readers that in his case, the period in question is not a good time to take particular actions, such as "you should avoid financial investments" or "avoid romantic involvement, "etc. by giving just a few key words and / or phrases, the recipient is free to interpret the words and / or phrases as he selection.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Todaro; Frank S.’s patent US 5398972 A deals with Fortune telling card.
A paper card to provide a simulated experience fortune telling with a plurality of different indicia printed thereon arranged in a defined pattern and with an opaque coating material overlying the various indicia sufficient to block the indicia of the view that no change in pattern arrangement described indicia. card further includes instructions printed on it enough to teach a reader about the removal of the opaque coating of only a few parts in the described pattern, only to expose the indicia limited places, that the reader can interpret as he chose a simulated fortune telling experience.

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