Rotary cutter blade sharpener

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The Terris; Alta F. patent solves the following problem:

Always on guard to save money, the market looked in vain for a way to reconcile the dull cutting edge of the edge of the popular rotary cutter were all using cutting cloth for sewing house. Finding none, I invented a simple tool to do that very thing. The blades cost in the neighborhood of six ($ 6.00) dollars, and this invention enables the user to extend the life of the edge many times over.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Terris; Alta F.’s patent US 5499943 A deals with Rotary cutter blade sharpener.
This creation is a tool designed to sharpen the rotary cutter blades used for cutting cloth. Preferred, when a dull blade placed on a threaded shank, an inner-Threaded clamp screwed on the edge, pressing it tightly against a platform from the shank rises, and holds the blade turning. When an upper casing containing in an angled sharp strip lowered over the clamp until contact is made against the edge face, the sharp strip brought into contact with the blade edge. When the upper casing is rotated around the tightened clamp, the sharp practices on the edge of the rim and thus sharpens the edge. Removing the upper casing and the clamp, the leaves quickly delivered, replacing the platform and the process repeated, thus sharpening the two sides of the blade edge.

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