Onion loader/unloader conveyor system

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The Russell; Donald J., , Ta’ala; Benko S. patent solves the following problem:

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Russell; Donald J., , Ta’ala; Benko S.’s patent US 5517799 A deals with Onion loader/unloader conveyor system.
A loading / unloading conveyor systems used to transfer the onions to the onion crates and the subsequent direction of the onion box. The system consists of a large collection scoop for removing the onions from the field to the conveyor, an unloading head filled with onion crates and cushion the onions as they enter the empty box, a lift from empty crates continuously supplied, a conveyor for holding empty crates, a lift stacking full crates, and a conveyor for holding a full box. Empty crates always provided the empty crate conveyor as they enter the system. The empty crate conveyor in turn gave the empty crate hoist control the release of a box system at a time. Each empty crates carried by conveyor unloading head which were filled with onion without bruising. The whole onion crates will grow stacking draw that put the whole onion in two boxes high. Stacked crates then moved into a holding conveyor to await transport by forklift into a designated storage area.

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