Brush for cleaning the bore of a gun barrel

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The Lalonde; Anthony F. patent solves the following problem:

The present invention relates, in general, the brush and, especially, in the brush for cleaning bores in gun barrel.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Lalonde; Anthony F.’s patent US 5557871 A deals with Brush for cleaning the bore of a gun barrel.
A brush for cleaning the bore of a gun barrel includes a group of metal bristles and nylon bristles to a twisted wire strands. The metal and nylon bristles that form separate groups and arranged in series and other sections of the nylon bristles on each side of the metal bristles. The metal bristles phosphor bronze. The nylon bristles are colored according to a color code to provide ease to know the right size brush to clean a certain caliber bore. brush also includes a cleaning cloth holders to end it before the end of the brush that holds the bristles. The cleaning brush holders include a small loop and a big loop for holding different sizes on the cleaning cloth.

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