Multi-output digital to analog converter

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The U.S. Philips Corporation patent solves the following problem:

The invention relates to a multiple-output digital to analog converter as defined in the precharacterizing part of claim 1. invention further relates to a method of making the digital data into a plurality of Analog output voltages as described in the precharacterizing part of claim 8. invention also relates to a matrix display with such a converter as described in the precharacterizing part of claim 9.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

U.S. Philips Corporation’s patent US 6252567 B1 deals with Multi-output digital to analog converter.
In a multiple-output digital to analog converter, digital input data (DD) converted into a plurality of analog output voltages (voi) all related cargo (Li). A generator (GK) and periods (Ti1) confidence in the digital data input (DD). A buffer (B1) has an output (O1) to give a waveform there (WF1) to the load (Li) by a coupling circuits (S1i). Circuit coupling (S1i) couple to a load (Li) to the output buffer (B1) during an associated time period (Ti1). The output voltage (voi) across several load (Li) is related to a price in the form of waves there (WF1) at the end of the war period (Ti1) when the coupling circuit decouples load (Li) from the buffer output (O1). The multiple-output digital to analog converter further comprises a plurality of the dummy load (Ldi), each of the dummy load (Ldi) is associated with a corresponding one of the loads (Li). The dummy load (Ldi) with the buffer output (O1) when the corresponding load (Ldi) is decoupled from the buffer output (O1). A pre-condition of the circuit (B2, S2I) generates voltages (VDI) across the dummy load (Ldi) so much as the output voltages (voi) across the associated loads (Li) when circuit coupling (S1i) decouples the load (Li) from the output buffer (B1).

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