Method of locking onto and tracking a target

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The Techno Research patent solves the following problem:

This creation was directed primarily to the following items (target), and more particularly, to an apparatus and method for locking and tracking things. While not limited to, creating better suited to tracking the fluid level (ie on a fluid) in a container, such as a vessel or the fuel tank.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Techno Research’s patent US 6556511 B1 deals with Method of locking onto and tracking a target.
One way of tracking an object comprising the steps of position have at least one thing; selecting at least something as a target; determining a sampling window envelope to target; Gaining a sound; repeating the foregoing steps to obtain a sound predetermined number of times; determine valid sound from the target; calculate the current position of the target from the received sound; and repeating the steps of claim, repeating, determining and calculating as desired. The steps to obtain a sound comprising the steps of passing a pulse to a desired frequency from a transducer; scanning the sound within the sampling window receiver; and receiving at least one voice at the wrist receiver within the sampling window, at least one sound with a frequency that corresponds to the outgoing pulse frequency.

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