Clutch and motor

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The Asmo Co., Ltd. patent solves the following problem:

A motor used for a drive source of a power window device or the like includes a motor unit, a rotational drive force that rotates on a rotation shaft (drive shaft), and a deceleration unit, which decelerates the rotation speed of the shaft rotation and outputs the rotational drive force from an output shaft coupled to a load. The rotation shaft is arranged in the motor unit and a worm shaft (output shaft) of the deceleration mechanism arranged in units deceleration with a clutch, which functions to transmit the rotational drive force from the shaft rotation shaft worm without passing rotational force from the worm shaft to shaft rotation.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Asmo Co., Ltd.’s patent US 9455607 B2 deals with Clutch and motor.
A clutch including a drive shaft, drive side rotation body, driven shaft, driven side rotation body, clutch housing, and lock members disclosed. During the non-body rotation drive side rotation, when the driven side rotation body is rotated, the lock members pushed the driven side rotation body and moved outward in a radial direction thus bring about contact in contact with the inner circumferential surface of the clutch housing. During rotation the body rotation drive of the drive side rotation body pushes a drive side cam faces the direction of rotation, and the drive side cam surface acts to move the lock in the radial direction and push the lock members against the potential for side rotation body. Thus, the lock member is sandwiched between the rotation of the body drive side and the driven side rotation of the body thereby coupling the drive side rotation body and the driven side rotation body with the latch member to be po- rotatable .

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