Acoustophoretic device with piezoelectric transducer array

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The Flodesign Sonics, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

The ability to separate a particle / fluid mixture into its separate components is desirable in many applications. Acoustophoresis is the separation of particles using high intensity sound waves, and without the use of membranes or physical size exclusion filtering. It is known that the high intensity standing sound waves can exert forces on particles in a fluid when there is a differential in both density and / or compressibility, known locally as the acoustic differences matter. The profile of the pressure of a standing wave comprising the areas of local minimum pressure the magnitude of the nodes and the local maxima of his anti-nodes. Depending on the density and compressibility of the particles, they are trapped in the nodes or anti-nodes of the standing wave. The higher the frequency the standing wave, the smaller the particles to be trapped by the pressure of the standing wave.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Flodesign Sonics, Inc.’s patent US 9457302 B2 deals with Acoustophoretic device with piezoelectric transducer array.
An apparatus for separating particles from a fluid stream includes a course to the extent that there is at least one inlet and at least one outlet. At least one ultrasonic transducer located in a wall of the flow chamber. transducer includes a piezoelectric war with at least two piezoelectric elements. The piezoelectric forest includes a piezoelectric material to create a multi-dimensional acoustic standing wave in the flow chamber. A reflector located on the wall on the other side of the flow chamber from at least one ultrasonic transducer.

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