Direct drive instruments and methods of use

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The Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

Minimally invasive surgical instruments, endoscopic and laparoscopic devices, provides surgical access to surgical areas while minimizing patient trauma. Although the growing capabilities of therapeutic devices allow physicians to perform a growing variety of operations with the traditional minimally invasive routes, further changes can surgical access through even less invasive routes . At present some robotic systems have been proposed to allow surgical access through a natural orifice. The user interface is isolated from the surgical instrument and / or end effectors. Unfortunately, these systems are often costly and complex. Moreover, they failed to give the user tactile feedback traditional devices can.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.’s patent US 9456877 B2 deals with Direct drive instruments and methods of use.
Said there are various instruments, systems, and methods of use. The instruments may have various members of the control and / or control rod in various degrees of freedom. Furthermore, the controlling member may include various control mechanisms to transfer user inputs from one rod to a distal portion of the instrument. On the one hand, an instrument may comprise a control member and a catheter. catheter be adjustably and / or detachably connected to the control member.

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