Endodontic instrument for drilling

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The Fkg Dentaire S.A. patent solves the following problem:

Cleaning and shaping root canal for receiving the filling had been using drilling instruments have a conical active part called the working part consists of several cutting edge arranged in a spiral by doing part.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Fkg Dentaire S.A.’s patent US 9456879 B2 deals with Endodontic instrument for drilling.
An endodontic instrument for drilling root canals, in particular a flexible drilling instrument which includes a working part and getting an end fitting for mounting the instrument on a mandrel in a contra-angle-type support provided by an electric motor used to drive a right instrument. The casing on the working part is conical along its length and end with a tip. Worked side given a spiral pipe forming a ridge with a cutting edge. The drill bit, relief and cutting angle described by the blade may vary along the length of the working part of the instrument that is particularly acute in the area near the end and that the profile of cutting ridge becomes progressively more blunt along the length of the instrument.

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