Initial camera mode management system

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The Gopro, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

It disclosure relates to a system to handle the camera, and more specifically, the detection devices in a system camera, the passing of credentials between the cameras and other devices, and to manage camera operation way.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Gopro, Inc.’s patent US 9462186 B2 deals with Initial camera mode management system.
A camera detects devices, like other cameras, smart devices, and access points, the camera to speak. camera can be different between operating as a wireless station and a wireless access point. camera can connect to and receive credentials from one device to another device that is not connected. In one embodiment, the camera is configured to operate as a wireless access point, and configured to receive credentials from a smart device operates as a wireless station. camera can then transfer the credentials of more cameras, each configured to operate as a wireless station. The camera and additional camera to connect to a Smart device directly or indirectly (eg, through an access point), and the Smart devices can change the way camera to camera. The first step in the camera to be preserved and restored by the Smart device upon disconnection.

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