Laser ablation catheter

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The The Spectranetics Corporation patent solves the following problem:

Human blood vessels often become clogged or blocked by plaque, thrombi, other deposits, or emboli that reduce the blood carrying capacity of vessel. Should the blockage occur at a critical place in the circulatory system, serious and permanent damage, and even death, can occur. To prevent this, some kind of medical intervention is usually made when significant occlusion is detected.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

The Spectranetics Corporation’s patent US 9456872 B2 deals with Laser ablation catheter.
A system and device for ablation and removal of occlusions of the blood vessels that are given. Laser cutting systems and mechanical cutting system in which the catheter device, the cutting system operable to ablate, cut, remove, and otherwise take occlusions within a blood vessel that limit or prevent the proper circulation. Catheter system consists distal end portion adapted to cut and remove at least part of an occlusion general similar to the measure of an inner lumen of a catheter.

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