Patient sling

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The Huntleigh Technology Limited patent solves the following problem:

Patient sling known to carry not work in patients from one place to another, for example from an operating theater trolley, a wheelchair or other patient support, a patient bed . Moreover, the sling can also be used to reposition patients in bed, for example, to move the bed or in the corner. The slings must be calibrated with patient comfort and strong to be able to support the patient. Difficulties arise in the event of patient capacity, especially in moving them to and sling.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Huntleigh Technology Limited’s patent US 9456944 B2 deals with Patient sling.
The patient transfer act as a joint sling and bed cover and includes a large rectangular sheet of a size to fit on a standard bed mattress and included in a plurality of bond for coupling to a draw. The patient transfer sheet is preferably made of a single-layered material that is breathable, durable and soft. The patient transfer sheet act as a sling for transport / repositioning of a patient as well as a place to bed covers to replace conventional bed linen. The patient can thus be brought to a bed without the need to remove the patient from the sling.

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